Motorized French Quarter History Tours, New TourLeans, LLC

50 and 90 Minute French Quarter History Tours

A great MOTORIZED way to learn about French Quarter History!

These French Quarter History Tours provides you, and up to three other guests, with a comfortable ride during your guided tour of the French Quarter. On either tour, you’ll see and learn about many French Quarter historical sites in half the time of a similar walking tour. Your exclusive electric vehicle is easy-access, fully enclosed, climate-controlled, and a great, “green” way to tour the French Quarter.

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Hi-Def Monitors Bring History to Life

You’ll see many images on your personal hi-def monitor during your French Quarter tour. We have painstakingly curated these images to show how the French Quarter looked over time. They include images of places and many people who helped shape the Crescent City’s history.

Some Highlights of Both French Quarter History Tours

Bienville Place

The monument at Bienville Place celebrates the founding of New Orleans by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, the Sieur de Bienville. It is the perfect place to learn about how the French Quarter came into being. French Quarter History Tour Bienville Place

Madame John’s Legacy

Madame John’s is the only surviving example of a French Colonial Raised Cottage in the French Quarter. French Quarter History Tour Madame John's Legacy

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar

Built between 1773 and 1781, this is the oldest building in the United States used as a bar. It is also the perfect place to learn about the Pirates Lafitte and their role in French Quarter history. French Quarter History Tour Lafittes black smith shop bar

Old Ursuline Convent

The Old Ursuline Convent is the oldest French Colonial building in the Mississippi Valley. It was home to the Ursuline Nuns who arrived in the French Quarter in 1727. The nuns played an important role during and after the Battle of New Orleans. French Quarter History Tour Old Ursulines Convent

LaLaurie Mansion

One night in 1834 a fire broke out in Delphine LaLaurie’s kitchen, and when the fire brigade responded, they found unspeakable horrors. French Quarter History Tour Lalaurie Mansion

The site of the first US District Court in the Louisiana Territory

Andrew Jackson was tried, convicted, and fined $1,000 for obstruction of justice and contempt of court here in 1815. We’ll reveal the details behind this fascinating story and its unlikely outcome that changed US history forever.

Jackson Square

On December 20, 1803, French and American officials lowered the French flag and raised the American flag in Jackson Square completing the Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana became the 18th state in the union on April 30, 1812, seven weeks after the outbreak of the War of 1812. French Quarter History Tour Jackson Square

Additional 90 Minute French Quarter History Tour Highlights

(This tour provides more detail and visits four more sites!)

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is one of the most interesting buildings in New Orleans. Was the ballroom really a home to Quadroon Balls? Is the hotel truly haunted? We’ll explore both of these questions and much more on this first stop of the 90 minute indepth tour.

Gardette-LePretre Mansion

While your tour is more about history than ghosts, there is one ghost story we will share with you on the second stop of your tour. It will help to put New Orleans folklore in context and perhaps answer the question: Is the “Sultan’s Palace” really haunted?

The Mississippi River

The fourth stop on your indepth tour is the Mississippi River, where we will exit the vehicle to get an up close look. It is impossible to understand New Orleans without understanding the impact of this river on every aspect of life here. We are going to reveal many secrets about the be all and end all of all things Lousiana and New Orleans!