French Quarter Tours

French Quarter Motorized Tours

Our French Quarter Motorized Tours are an exciting new way to tour in New Orleans.

Now you and up to three other guests can ride in the comfort of our exclusive, fully enclosed, air-conditioned, electric vehicle. Why take a long walking tour? Take one of our Motorized Excursions and ride comfortably instead!

New TourLeans features two licensed guides on every one of our motorized tours. After all, having two guides means you will have twice the attention devoted to you. It also means you can go into some of the places you are seeing accompanied by a guide.

We’re “Green!”

Our Vehicle is also a new, “green” way to take a French Quarter Tour in New Orleans. The motor and air-conditioning both derive power from battery banks. There’s even a solar panel to keep them charged when it’s sunny.

See Some Things Upclose!

During all of our tours, we will take you into some places of interest other motorized tour operators merely point out or don’t even mention. On our Upper French Quarter Tour, we’ll enter the Orleans Ballroom (if it’s not in use). We’ll also go inside The Historic New Orleans Collection Courtyard, and make a stop at the Mississippi River. On our Lower French Quarter Tour, we will go inside Madame John’s Legacy. Both of our tours offer you a choice of included admission to either The Cabildo or The Presbytere at Jackson Square.

Finally a Comfortable French Quarter Tour!