Take our comfortable Easy Breezy French Quarter Tour!

Map of the Vieux CarreImage courtesy of David Rumsey Map Collection, http://davidrumsey.com

Our New Orleans “Easy Breezy” French Quarter Tour features a small, all-electric vehicle that enables us to travel on French Quarter streets that restrict larger touring vehicles. We have perfected the way you can learn about the history of the French Quarter, and our tour is different than any other tour available. The Easy Breezy French Quarter Tour covers almost 90 blocks of the Vieux Carre. Our tour spans the distance from Rampart Street to the River and from Iberville Street to Esplanade Avenue. We believe that New TourLeans offers better value than any other touring opportunity in New Orleans.

No, you won’t be walking, except for three short strolls!

The first stroll is about 100 feet, down by the River. The second stroll is less than one block along Royal Street. The third stroll, also less than one block, is to the Cabildo in Jackson Square.

We don’t like “walk-bys” or “drive-bys” and neither should you!

Each of our tours feature two, fully-licensed tour guides who are also licensed to operate a “for hire” vehicle on the streets of New Orleans. We are the only fully licensed tour operator in New Orleans to enable our guests to enter some of the places that most other tours merely “point out.” One licensed tour guide will always accompany you while the other guide remains with our 100% “green” vehicle. We also include any entrance fees in the price of your tour; there are no “add-ons.”

Why should I care about a Hi-Def Monitor?

New TourLeans has painstakingly curated approximately 100 images that we display on your monitor during your tour. These “snapshots in time” of the places and historical figures you will be learning about during your French Quarter Tour will surely enliven your experience and give you a better understanding of why New Orleans is considered by many to be “the most interesting city in the world.