Motorized French Quarter Tour

Per Person: $75.00



French Quarter Tour Description and Pickup Location

Upper French Quarter Sites

The sites we visit in the Upper French Quarter are a celebration of the three hundred year anniversary of the founding of New Orleans by the French in 1718.

We start at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, a significant historic site. It is a prime example of the importance of the French Period in New Orleans and Louisiana.

Next, we motor to the Gardette-Le Pretre Mansion to learn about the importance of folklore in New Orleans.

From there, you’ll pass by the historic J.B. Dubois house to see one of the finest examples of wrought-iron balconies in the city. We’ll also point out the site of the Old French Opera House as well as pass by the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Soon, you’ll arrive at the Mississippi River to discover the role it played in the founding of New Orleans. You will have an opportunity to exit the vehicle here to see the river up close.

On our way to Bienville Place, we’ll tell you about some of the French explorers and colonists who were important to the founding of New Orleans.

Lower French Quarter Sites

The sites we visit in the Lower French Quarter are a celebration of the Spanish and early American periods of New Orleans history. We tell unbelievable tales of Scandals, Heroes, Pirates, Traitors, and Spies!

Our first stop in the Lower French Quarter is at Madame John’s Legacy. It’s the perfect place to connect the dots between the French, Spanish, and American periods.

Next, we’re off to Lafitte’s Black Smith Shop Bar to learn about famous pirates and their role in The Battle of New Orleans.

From there we’ll motor to visit the Old Ursuline Convent and the Beauregard Keyes-House.

A little later, you’ll arrive at the Old US Mint. There, you’ll learn about two public executions that changed New Orleans History forever.

Then, you’ll journey to the La Laurie Mansion. Despicable treatment of slaves occurred there.

Continuing down Royal Street, you’ll see and learn about the importance of the Andrew Jackson Hotel and the famous Cornstalk Fence hotel.

Your tour concludes at Jackson Square, where we drop you off and say, “Adieu!”

PickUp Location

Your Motorized French Quarter Tour begins at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel located at 717 Orleans Street between Bourbon and Royal. Feel free to wait in the hotel lobby until your tour begins.